-How we can perceive the exsistence itself?-

Based on an animal instinct,we can perceive the object by tonching it.

In that way of thinking,something that dream,awareness and emotion…(has the quality of being intangible and not perceptible by touch) don’t exsist in this world.But you remember the dream you had yesterday.Only you can recall that.

Others can’t completely understand your feelings. The idea is inadequate that there is already the object we can perceive in the real space. The object actually exsist by reflecting the light of consciousness in your mind.


-Snakes coming from inside your mind-

Everyone has various contradictions in their minds. Who can see a continuation of one of the dreams you saw had as a child? If you are suffering from the difference between what you need to live and what you really want to do now, listen to the voice in my works.
Everyone is suffering.Everyone is seeking the truth.


-Perishing organic matter-

If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

How exactly, can you recognize yourself in this world? Organisums selectively read from the outside and store up in the brains. Its present existence is just a shadow created by past experience and will perish in the blink of an eye. The above passage always reminds me of important things to create works. All about us are just perishing .


-Flow of Material-

I use ‘MODELING PASTE’ in my works,to express the feelings and thought at moment . In many situations, Human experience is felt to other person throngh the various facial expressions. The explosive emotions flow out and fade away in the next moment. Like the water of the river, people’s emotions also flow in time of the world that Individual human recognize. I cut out the beautiful and unsightly affect and express in my works to you.